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Help The Explorers reach 500 thumbs up by Christmas and several amazing things will happen!

  1. The Explorers will release every week in 2022 with additional bonus episodes

  2. One lucky reader will win a $100 USD Amazon Gift Card

  3. Another lucky reader will win a $50 USD Amazon Gift Card

  4. Five readers who provide the best comments will be receive a $10 USD Amazon Gift Card

  5. A final reader will win the chance, with some input, to determine how one character dies and who dies in an upcoming episode of The Explorers

Ways that you can enter:

  • For each episode of The Explorers that you have read and smashed the thumbs up icon -or- will read, fill out our form below. Tell us which episode you read and tell us something about it. What you liked, didn't like, or what you think will happen next?

  • Have you followed did you start following The explorers.

  • Share a Read The Explorers image on social media. (Twitter, FaceBook, MeWe, InstaGram etc)

  • Share The Explorers Trailer on social media. (Twitter, FaceBook, MeWe, InstaGram etc)

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If we break 500 before Christmas, don't worry! You'll still have a chance to enter through January 3rd, 2022. We'll announce the winners of our drawings on January 8th. 

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