A paranormal thriller that falls in the realm of dark fantasy, horror, thriller, supernatural, mystery and suspense, Briardark is fan favorite by S.A. Harian.

"A mind-bending mystery. A fight for survival. And a forest that defies the limits of reality. Deadswitch Wilderness is a researcher's dream, and Dr. Siena Dupont finally has her chance to study the untamed backcountry. But when an uncharted path leads her team to the body of a hiker who has been missing for a decade, and their trail home vanishes as if it never existed, what started as a research expedition morphs into a supernatural nightmare from which they can't escape."

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

And Marty's First Look here.

You can also find S.A. Harian on Instagram and on their website a http://sa-harian.com.


A Paranormal Dystopian Horror story that includes zombies, this supernatural story is amazing few new adults and those of us that never grew up, Chew by Naomi Ault is guaranteed to thrill even the pickiest of zombie fans.

"[NOW SHOWING: SEASON 2 * New episodes posted every Sun & Wed] "Where were you when you turned?" The Wormwood Prion infected millions with an irresistible need to chew, demonstrating a distinct preference for human flesh. Allison Rose is lucky. She's one of the fortunate few to wake up in a Recovery Center; cured, but with a head full of monstrous memories intact. Teaming up with the enigmatic Will Turner, they discover the cure isn't the end of their nightmare, it's just the beginning."

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

You can find Naomi on Instagram, Twitter, GoodReads, TikTok and on their website: https://naomiault.com/

Chicken Soup for the Soulless - Dominick Darkk.jpg

A collection of short stories that will transport you back to your childhood and make you day dream about old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark, Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soulless is a collection of bingeable short stories that can be consumed all at once or one at a time. Representing the horror genre, this work contains thrillers, lovecraftian horror with a healthy dose of occasional murder and the paranormal.

"A spine-chillingly delightful collection of morbid fiction to make your blood run cold. Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soulless steals you away on a dark journey through intriguing nightmares that underscore the depravity of the human mind. Are we afraid of monsters or the truths about our lives they represent? Terrify yourself as you dive into the pages of these haunting tales."

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

You can find Dominick Darkk on Instagram. They can also be reached via DominickDarkk@gmail.com and via the Black Wolf Society.


Amazon Kindle Vella: Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soulless and The Black Wolf Society.


Additional works include: Mama Always Says by C.C. Lynn and Dominick Darkk.


A Fantasy/Romance with themes including forbidden romance, a strong heroine and my favorite relationship trope, enemies to lovers, Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns is an amazing Vella by Joanna Reeder.

"Half-fae Amberle isn't competing for the swoon-worthy Prince Rion's heart in the bachelor-style competition. Not like the other 14 hopefuls who want to win the crown. Amberle is a mole, a hired thief-turned-spy who just wants to save her family. But Rion is charming and stubborn and he's making her task impossible. And when girls mysteriously turn up dead... she questions everything. Fans of the Selection and Throne of Glass will love this binge-worthy story of deep secrets, and cunning fae."

The Kindle and Coffee Review can be found here.

You can also find Joanna on Instagram, in addition to the Vella's own Instagram account. She is also the co-host of the Reading Queens Podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and Anchor Podcasts.

She can also be found on Good Reads and on her website https://www.joannareeder.com.


A novelette exploring love, loss, Daisy Chains by Blue Coutell illustrates the struggle of a young woman with her own sexuality.

"Daisies grow without any permission at all. Astrid is a daisy, but Ivy is a rose. In the beauty of budding sexual identity lies a hungry dark. Ivy uncovers Astrid's dark, not realizing she's taking steps to reclaim her own. Love, flowers, and literature. What could go wrong?

Daisy Chains is a selection of short stories depicting a love story in reverse.

Trigger warnings: suicide, abuse, bigotry"

Blue can be reached on Instagram and Twitter. her website, and can be found on her YouTube Channel, The Blue Coutell Show.

Blue can also be found on Good Reads.


She is currently taking a break from writing and her platform and we look forward to her return.


A review of Daisy Chains was written before Kindle & Coffee, it can be found here.


An Action & Adventure/Fantasy Dinos of an Old West by Jonathon Mast and Nathaniel J Peters is a weird western. Featuring dinosaurs! Vella tags include western, weird western, dinosaur, sheriff, pulp, cowboy and adventure because nothing says spaghetti western like velociraptors.

"Cowboys and carnosaurs. Stetsons and stegosaurs. Deputies and dinosaurs. That's right, folks. What would make the wild west wilder? Dinosaurs. Follow the Sheriff of Golconda as he deals with raptor gangs, triceratops thieves, and a galloping gallimimus or two. Welcome to a Wilder Wild West. Co-created and co-written with Nathaniel J. Peters."

Our Kindle & Coffee review can be found here.


Jonathon can be found on FaceBook and his website.


Nate can be found on FaceBook.


A romantic fantasy featuring fae, magic, swords and sorcery, a strong heroine and dragons. The Elven House of Ivy and Bone by Kristin J Dawson even features a dragon?

"Relentlessly hunted, Ivy has lost her home, family, and most of her seeds that grant elves longevity. Orion is a embittered captain of the guard who has watched magic destroy human lives. When mindless Seekers put Ivy and Orion on a collision course, a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. But as the mystery of the magic-tainted attacks unfold, it's far bigger than either had imagined -- threatening to shatter the tenuous peace between the human and fae realms."

Kristin can be found on InstagramFaceBook, her website: http://www.kristinjdawson.com/ and Good Reads.

Our Kindle & Coffee review can be found here.


An amazing coming of age story geared towards Teens, Young and New Adults, Kingdom of Links by Sarah Shipley is packed full of action and adventure featuring fantasy, royalty, and shifter romance in a coming of age just kisses shifter romance. 

"Born into the lowest Link in a kingdom of shifters, Ashley's goal is simply to keep herself and her little brother alive. Unable to manage her shift until she's of age, she lives a life of careful control. When the queen requests her presence at the palace, Ashley must rely on an old friend and new allies, or she'll be squashed within the week. But can she trust anyone? This story of stinging betrayal, ruthless competition, and a slow-burn romance will hook you from the very first episode."

You can find Sarah on Instagram and her website: https://sarahshipleyauthor.com/.

Our Kindle & Coffee review can be found here.

NRDS by JT BLakely_.jpg

A paranormal comedy, NRDS: National Recently Deceased Services by JT Blakely is a comedic paranormal story featuring ghosts, mystery and adventure.

"So, ghosts are real and there is an underfunded government agency that help the recently deceased transition into the afterlife. Spiritual energy is running wild in the rural Midwest and when a remote NRDS office settles in, nothing goes according to plan. Follow this cast of NRDS as they work through spirit cases, struggle with small town politics, and try and dig themselves out of tons and tons of paperwork. Because what is a government agency without an insurmountable amount of red tape?"

Marty's First Look of NRDS can be found here.

You can also find JT on Twitter, Instagram and on their website: https://jtblakely.com


Featuring human experimentation that makes you wonder what Bucky Barnes experienced at the hands of Hydra, Project Infinity by Kayla Knue is a supernatural story of healing, self discovery and survivorship featuring LGBTQ themes available on Tapas.

"Patient zero was kidnapped in 1939 at the start of World War II. He was only 14 years old when he was taken to a secret underground facility that did illegal and inhuman experiments on humans.

With no memories of his past or of who he used to be, patient zero is trapped in a living nightmare of torture. He has no idea how long he's been trapped as time has escaped him. All he knows is that anything is better than being taken to the doctor, even death.

When Captain Alexander Harvey raids the facility with a team of special ops soldiers, patient zero is freed from his hell. But he quickly discovers that the world is not as it once was. His struggles have just begun."

They can be found on InstagramFaceBookTwitter, and Good Reads.

Our review of Project Infinity can be found here.

Their website is kaylaknue.com and can be found on YouTube.


Kayla’s debut novel is MORE than The Hunger Games meets Beaty and the Beast, The Reckoning is a dark fantasy with LGBTQ themes.

◆◆An epic tale of forbidden love, a fight for survival, and the corruption of magic.◆◆

The magical lands of Alterra have been stricken with famine since the destruction of light magic. Rebellion threatens to rise, but the Reckoning, an age-old tradition where potential warriors compete in deadly challenges, could provide distraction.

To be Called is an honor, but glory is reserved for the champion. So when Malaki Darkblood, a prince with demonic heritage, is Called he is expected to win. But his fate is intertwined with that of a girl and he finds more than his reputation is at stake.

Harrison Darkborne, a highborn asudh, is more than honored to be Called. His loyalty to the King knows no bounds, but when his wedding to the princess is postponed he soon discovers that there are challenges far greater than the Reckoning.

Tyler Skyy, a human farmer, clings to her faith in love and kindness even as her family's herd thins. Though her hope is strong, her life is turned upside down when she is Called. Without any magic of her own her odds of survival are low, but her kindness may prove to be her savior.

Facing the unknown challenges ahead of them, one thing holds true. 

Their fates are intertwined.

★★★★★ The Hunger Games meets Beauty and the Beast in this epic LGBTQ+ dark fantasy romance.

They can be found on InstagramFaceBookTwitter, and Good Reads.

Their website is kaylaknue.com and can be found on YouTube.

Our review of the Reckoning was completed before Kindle & Coffee and can be found here.


A thriller, the ruin of the watcher features a neurodiverse detective with a medical degree who is an inspiring character to look up to for adults on the spectrum.

"On paper, Detective Fox Argall is a hero: handsome, wildly over-educated, eccentric, adoring his wife with epic passion. When a string of broken children arrive on his doorstep like offerings, Fox is forced to follow the breadcrumbs to a showdown with an old and dangerous enemy. The last time they met, Fox ran for his life. This time, it's not just his life on the line. It's the innocent children. It's his family. This time, he can't run. Fox knows he can't live if they die."

Collings can be found on InstagramFaceBookTwitter, and Good Reads.

the ruin of the watcher is followed up by The Sweater Case, currently live on Kindle Vella.


Our Kindle & Coffee review can be found here.

Selfie of Cala Ivory.jpg

A paranormal mystery that treads on the far too real to all of us topic of internet horror, The Selfie of Cala Ivory by Mae MacCullum features an up in coming social media influencer who would do almost anything to remain young and grow their following. This Vella includes horror, stalkers and cults!

"When Cala's friend tells her about a website that asks users to upload a Selfie in exchange for everlasting youth, Cala submits a Selfie thinking it's a joke. But when the wannabe influencer's posts begin to go viral, her follower count skyrockets, and she starts to get everything she's ever wanted, Cala soon finds out that the website is serious business. But everything has a price. A modern reinterpretation of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde."

Our Kindle & Coffee What's New in Kindle Vella Impressions can be found here.

Mae can be found on Instagram and her website, https://maemaccallum.com. She was also a recent guest on the Serial Fiction Show.