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World Diabetes Day

The CDC tells us that 34.2 million Americans, or 1 in 10, have diabetes. While it's arguable that there is no such thing as pre-diabetes, the number of Americans that fall into a category of individuals with higher than normal blood sugar, at risk for diabetes is an additional 88 million adults.

I can spout statistic after statistic after statistic, explaining that while cases decreased between 2008 and 2018 that special populations including Indigenous people are at higher risk of developing diabetes. And a new medical fact that we live with is that if you are an individual who has contracted Covid-19 you are at a higher risk of Type 1.5 injury induced diabetes caused and increased insulin resistance leading to a tType 2 diagnoses.

To clarify, I am a Type 1.5 injury induced diabetic. While my injury didn't come from illness or actual physical damage to my pancreas, my pancreas was damaged by common Type 2 diabetes management medications that cause the pancreas to over produce insulin.

While my life is controlled by an insulin pump there have been some amazing strides in curing diabetes. Strides, like not just research but actual human clinical trials in which the first patient saw a 90% decrease in self medicating via manufactured insulin.

Check out this amazing video by House of Petty's Muscled and Nursing that had me in tears and watching this video over and over and over again for almost an hour.

Here's the results as reported by the Clinical Trials Arena:

You can find more information about the Vertex Study on their website.

Adults with Type 1 diabetes who experience lows that they do not necessarily feel the effects are seem to be the current target. You can find out about phase I/II trial eligibility at

While a cure that is widely available is still a ways off, it is more than encouraging to see a trial where actual results are being proven and giving so many of us a better chance at a 'normal' life.

It's World Diabetes Day

And this year we have something to celebrate.

Until next time!

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