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The Explorers on Kindle Vella

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I initially wasn’t planning on getting on to the Kindle Vella train. Considering the work that’s gone into my novel I’m currently in a state of back and forth over releasing my novel via as a serial over releasing it as a novel.

While dealing with this insanity and trying to decide what I was going to do, I pulled up an old outline for a story that just wasn’t plausible at the time I put it together.

Since then, GPS has come leaps and bounds and in some cases can determine your location down to a handful of feet. In a moment of frustration, I started plugging away at an updated outline.

And thus, The Explorers was born.

What should you expect from The Explorers?

As someone who writes horror and thrillers with the occasional paranormal mystery thrown in, I can tell you that my editor is quite disappointed in me. Each time that I send him a new episode he says something along the lines of: Let the bodies hit the floor!

And I’m like, not yet, Dave.

Is this a thriller? Is it suspenseful? Yes! Definitely.

Will it eventually get a little messy? Most likely.

What I can tell you is that the first three episodes are available to you at no cost on Kindle Vella. They can be read in your Kindle App or on Amazon directly. You can find it here: The Explorers, by Kitty Gulick.

When you first check out Kindle Vella, Amazon also gives you the gift of 200 free tokens. Be sure to bookmark and like each episode you read as this will help us out with visibility.

My next episode debuts on August 16th and we hope that you enjoy the adventure so far.

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