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Rule Number 1: Always Carry a Camera

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

"I got an itch:"

I got an itch…

Has it really been four months? Between Kindle Vella, wrapping up the first book of my series and the clients I have, I’ve been going a bit crazy.

I’ve also been out exploring the wilds again. As many of you know, wildlife photography is one of my passions. I’m one of those people that just likes to get out, explore and pray I catch something amazing. Like say, a grizzly on a hill or a small herd of moose.

Yes, that’s right! This year has been kind to us during our exploring of the wild world. During one of our recent Yellowstone trips we shot a bear, I took so many pictures that came out looking like Bob Ross paintings that it is insane.

And we happen to be parked at the moment near a small herd of moose.

This evening we were lucky enough to catch a series of images that included a small herd of bull moose. It was definitely an amazing experience until the bikers came through on their way to Henry’s Lake and scared them off.

The above image was taken with a Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L is USM Super-Telephoto Lens using a Canon EXT. RF2X(N) extender on a Cannon EOS5 in Island Park, ID. This location is about 30 minutes from West Yellowstone, MT on Red Rock Road where a small herd can be found wandering between the hill and the shallow valley. They were taken from of OMG we’re a lot farther away than you think from within the safety of our Jeep.

Keep in mind, moose move QUICKLY!!!! They have a burst speed of 35 MPH and can maintain 30 MPH for an extended period.

Do not approach them no matter how fluffy they appear, even if there are pine needles in their coats. That lens is known to be a Unicorn in the wild. You may be able to find one online for purchase via Yellowstone Camera as they received several over the weekend. I’m not sure how many they have left.

You can find more of our moose adventures on Instagram as well as my “Bob Ross” pictures, some crazy reels and that grizzly bear.

Tomorrow, I’ll catch you all up on my current projects, including my Kindle Vella piece that as another episode coming out on August 16th.

I promised I’d post more, well, I got a bit a lost in all the crazy and I’ll definitely get into the swing of things soon.

Until next time!

Our Camera Gear:

Canon R5: Canon RF 2x Extender: Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1: Canon R6 Kit: Canon RF600/11: Canon EXT.RF1.4:

Location of this shoot:

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