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New This Week In Kindle Vella: The Selfie of Cala Ivory by Mae MacCallum

It's time for impressions of The Selfie of Cala Ivory by Mae MacCalllum, which dropped this week on Kindle Vella.

This brand new paranormal mystery is tagged with horror, suspense, cult, stalker and one of my favorite new tags! Internet horror. It never really occurred to me that Internet Horror was a thing. And then I looked at my own Vellas and had a moment in which I face palmed and said, "Duh, Kitty!"

Let's dive in!

"When Cala's friend tells her about a website that asks users to upload a Selfie in exchange for everlasting youth, Cala submits a Selfie thinking it's a joke. But when the wannabe influencer's posts begin to go viral, her follower count skyrockets, and she starts to get everything she's ever wanted, Cala soon finds out that the website is serious business. But everything has a price. A modern reinterpretation of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde."

To quote what I said to Mae when I reached out to her about this pop up first impressions of her new vella: I really, really, really like this one... internet horror is a new crazy nebulous thing that everyone can relate to. With our lives online and mostly open books for anyone able to track our cyber foot print, this topic is absolutely chilling.

In episode one we meet Cala, a new influencer struggling to keep her followers engaged and increase her following. While her amount of followers isn't staggering, it's nothing to laugh at. Once she trades her selfie for ever lasting youth, her life begins to change both for better and also for worse.

As Cala's following grows we learn that no matter how exhausted and horrible she feels that no one will see anything but the youthful face that had beamed into her camera for the selfie that she sent to that website. Because of it, no one believes that she's tired, stressed or even exhausted.

This twist on the appearance of everlasting youth is definitely one I didn't actually expect and with her interactions with her friend Mari swinging from fantastic to volatile and fanatical so quickly Cala isn't able to keep up... who knows what will happen next!

And the best part, this is the very beginning of this story and we're all along for the ride.

I can't wait to see where Mae takes this story and providing a more in-depth review sometime in the future.

While Amazon has not yet integrated Kindle Vella into it's author pages, several authors are using their names as tags to allow their readers to locate their other works. Mae isn't an exception to this.

She has several amazing stories out there in addition to the Selfie of Cala Ivory. They include The Monsters You Meet On The Internet, The Red Ship Tavern is Cursed, and my favorite Mae MacCullum tale, We Came Here to Die. I encourage you to check them out!

Mae can be found on Instagram and her website, She was also a recent guest on the Serial Fiction Show.

Until next time, may your adventures be exciting. Just not as exciting as X's... or Cala's!

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