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Marty's First Look: Hellscapade by Kim Katil

I've got a bit of posting to catch up with all of Marty's First Looks! So I'm bringing you another one today, this one is Hellscapade an Urban Fantasy with paranormal and supernatural lgbtq romance themes by Kim Katil .

I love romance almost as much as I love thrillers. Give me a well written romance or thriller every day for the rest of my life and I'll be one happy reader!

"Micah Barnham won't back off from pursuing corrupt politicians and city police. His reward is to be sent to Hell. Literally. For his own safety of course. But HellsGate is steeped in Demon intrigue. Even worse, his new boss is a growly but handsome Demon Lord he isn't sure he can resist. And then there are the adorable but lethal hellhound cat puppies? kittens? that shadow his every move."

PS: Don't forget to subscribe to Marty's First Look on YouTube. This amazing creator has given us permission to share his First Looks and he definitely deserves all the credit in the world for the time he spends doing so. Also check out his own Vella: The Last Sunrise! There's a review coming for it in the future.

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