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Marty's First Look: Briar Dark by SA Harian

I absolutely love that Marty has agreed to allowing us to post his First Looks and I can't even tell you how excited I get every time I see a new one pop up.

Today, we're featuring Marty's First Look of Briardark by SA Harian. The first season is complete and season two is on it's way! This amazing Vella was reviewed on Kindle & Coffee earlier this fall.

This one still creeps me out in the best ways. I hope you enjoy this first look:

"A mind-bending mystery. A fight for survival. A forest that defies the limits of reality. Deadswitch Wilderness is a researcher's dream, and Dr. Siena Dupont finally has her chance to study the untamed backcountry. But when an uncharted path leads her team to the body of a hiker who has been missing for a decade, and their trail home vanishes as if it never existed, what started as a research expedition morphs into a supernatural nightmare from which they can't escape."

PS: Don't forget to subscribe to Marty's First Look on YouTube. This amazing creator has given us permission to share his First Looks and he definitely deserves all the credit in the world for the time he spends doing so. Also check out his own Vella: The Last Sunrise! There's a review coming for it in the future.

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