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Happiness Hunters Searching for Home Base

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Sage Brush Fields with Bear Tooth Mountains

We’ve been on the road over a year and while I don’t necessarily want to give up this lifestyle, Mr Wizard wants to settle down and have a home base again

With a goal of being completely off the grid, we plan to build somewhere in Wyoming and hopefully purchase land early next year. There’s something about the land costing less during the winter…

The images you see are from the property we explored last week with our cousin, Lark. The parcel is just shy of 40 acres and kisses the Montana boarder. I was initially concerned about all of the brush, but Lark mentioned that we could rent brush hogs for a day or two and the whole lot would be cleared.

Mind blown? I know that mine was, even though there are other locations that we're exploring.

The property itself has a seasonal creek and some seep from a spring. That seep tells us that there is water in the ground and that we could drop a well and actually find a decent amount of water.

There’s a bit of shale on the property that makes for beautiful images and could be great for stone features if we planted grove.

While I would love an Earthship, Mr Wizard doesn’t want to live in a Hippy House. Maybe this will be like RVing and selling our home in Texas and that if I keep mentioning it, he might turn to me in a few months and say … “Hey! How would you like to buy some land and build an Earth Ship?”

There’s just something about using recycled materials and having a greenhouse attached to the main building even though we plan to build a green house with a large stock pond to raise trout and tilapia in with hydroponics.

If you’ve been following my Instagram this layout should be pretty familiar. We named this build the ‘I have an arena, do you have a horse?’ build.

One of the reasons for such a huge shop would be the ability to pull the RV through without having to back it up. That would be great for storing it. We planned on dual masters, a large office and guest suite.

At the same time, there’s just something about an Earthship that is different and exciting. The plan below is by Earth Bag Plans. I could see flipping the master suite and sticking a second master on the other end of the construction, keeping the office and having two ‘whatever rooms’ that could be guest rooms or other spaces.

Earthship by Earth Bag Plans

Earthship by Earth Bag Plans

From Backyard DYI Projects

I know that this plan is for 1600 ish square feet, but we’d probably go a little bigger and have a wider greenhouse if we actually went with an Earthship.

I don’t know, maybe I’m weird with my daydreams of reclaimed glass walls and a year round garden in my house to keep me busy. They’d definitely be amazing to let the light shine in from entrances.

I can’t help but think in the back of my mind something like…

“Dear Mr Wizard, I can has plox?” when I see entrances like this one. And then there’s the ‘Portal to the Backyard’ image further in the same blog post that the entrance on the left comes from.

Can you imagine flowers or a vegetable garden the moment you walk inside your home through a door like that?

I don’t know, maybe I’m strange in thinking that I would love to have something like this in the middle of an in home green house looking out over the Beartooth Mountains, a grove or the Rockies themselves.

Portal to the Backyard

Considering we’re planning to build our forever home, I think it’s okay to daydream about building something like this. We could figure out how to integrate it into something a little more modern. But at the same time, even with a well and solar power, there’s something to be said about efficiency and having a green house ready to go from the start before designing and building our own.

In either case, no matter what we end up doing, we have an adventure ahead of us.

I’m not sure exactly where we’ll end up, but I know it’ll likely be Wyoming. Who knows, maybe there will be a neighboring parcel for family or a friend.

If you’re interested in learning more about Earthships, you can head to the Earthship Biotecture or check out the YouTube Video below by Matt from the Collingwood Earthship:

What do you think? Am I crazy for dreaming up something this insane? Or have you been inspired to dream big yourself?

Have an amazing week!

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