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Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns by Joanna Reeder

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

There are a lot of things I’m a sucker for when it comes to reading. One of those things is a good horror story that changes my perceptions of the world around me. The other is my favorite relationship trope, enemies to lovers.

You may look at my previous reviews and think that I only read horror stories, but like that FAQ says, I read pretty much anything and everything that can hold my ADHD brain’s attention for more than fifty seconds. That is where Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns by USA today best selling author, YouTuber and PostCaster Joanna Reeder comes in.

I have to share the blurb and my reactions to it and reading the start of this amazing serial which is currently twelve episodes strong.

"1 prince + 14 hopefuls to win his heart + 1 thief-turned-spy employed to ensure the right fae gets the crown. Fans of The Selection and Throne of Glass will love this binge-worthy story of deep secrets, and cunning fae. Half-fae Amberle isn’t competing for the swoon-worthy Prince Rion’s heart or a crown, she’s a hired mole who just wants to save her family. But Rion is charming and stubborn and he’s making her task impossible. And when girls mysteriously turn up dead… she questions everything." So we have the Bachelor with spies, fae, and the death that makes you think The Hunger Games type competition. In a lot of ways, this reminded my of a Bachelor-esque The Reckoning by Kayle Knue which I reviewed back in April, just without the crazy competition life and death scenarios. Oh wait, there are going to be crazy life and death scenarios as contestants on this episode fo the Bachelor, I mean Courting, start turning up dead. Nothing like a healthy dose of mayhem and murder to suck you into a story!

I think this image that I posted to Instagram says it all.

Then again, these thoughts came to me in the middle of the night when I do most of my reading.

So, what can I tell you about Courting without spoiling so much of the story that you want to throw things at me? Spoiling serials is the worse thing that can happen.

It took a few minutes to put my thoughts into writing without rambling on about the story itself in a way that gives away the plot to date.

This is what came to mind and will be found on my Amazon and Good Reads reviews.

Well paced, with characters you can’t help but root for, Courting is amazingly post and foreshadowed.

We learn just enough about Amberle’s life before her she became a thief and her drive and promise to rescue her father from the clutches of a King who could be described as nefarious.

As readers we know not the reason her father was imprisoned, only that he was. Because the man is trapped the reader can’t help but wonder if the man is alive. When the King offers to return her father to her in exchange for her taking part in the Tourney as his spy, what daughter would say no?

We cannot help but wonder if the hair pulling teasing Amberle experienced as a child was misplaced hormonal playground hair pulling between a young girl and a boy who didn’t otherwise know how to show affection. Better yet, knowing murder could happen at any moment I know that I can’t wait to see Courting devolve into intrigues, murder and mayhem.

Yes! Murder and mayhem because the author’s own words tell us that this is going to happen before we even click on the first episode..

Will Amberle fall in love with the prince, her childhood tormentor as the trope tags suggest? Will Orion fall in love with the girl he thought abandoned him or will she turn back to adorable thieving Clay in search of familiarity once it is all over? Will the Prince live to find love only to have it ripped away by the clutches his own death? Will his chosen queen be ripped away from him by a jealous suitor who survived the Tourney and wasn’t chosen? Or is there an unknown fae woman who wasn’t chosen waiting to swoop in and destroy them all?

Who will be crowned queen? Who will escape with their life?

At this moment, only Joanna Reeder knows and I for one cannot wait to find out!

If my thoughts aren’t enough to convince you to spend some tokens on Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns, maybe the reviews of others can help convince you to give this amazing Vella a shot.

Here’s what Katie had to say about this bing-worthy vella:

And now for one of my favorite parts of these reviews! I’ve asked the author a few questions and would love to share their answers with you.

Kitty: What was your favorite book growing up?

Joanna: I have several, especially because this has changed as I grew up. Elementary age, I loved Half Magic, by Edward Eager. But when I was older, my favorite was Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card.

Kitty: Do you believe that this book influenced your writing style?

Joanna: I wouldn’t say either of them influenced my writing style. My writing style is heavily influenced by YA authors. Specifically By Maggie Steifvater (who is my favorite author now), also maybe a little of Richelle Mead and Cassandra Clare and also by my critique partners and author friends such as Kristin J. Dawson.

Kitty: If you could tell your younger self anything about being an author, what what it be?

Joanna: I would tell myself that I did it!! That I made it and I became a published author!! It was my dream since the 4th grade, so it was a long time coming.

Kitty: What drew you to write about the fae?

Joanna: Long story short, a group of authors and I studied the fae market a little over a year ago with the intent to learn how to write a series to market. And while all of us studied the same genre, read a lot of the same books and incorporated the same tropes, each book/series is VASTLY different.

Two books in my Raven Court series are published (Imitating a Fae Queen and Hiding a Fae Queen), with the third book (Evading a Fae Queen) coming out later this year.

Which leads to question #4….

Kitty: If you could tell your readers one thing about Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns, what would it be?

Joanna: Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns is a prequel story set two generations BEFORE Imitating a Fae Queen. To my readers who are following my Kindle Vella journey and have also read the books available in my Raven Court series, Rion has already been mentioned. And this KV story will eventually lead up to a major event that is mentioned many times in the Raven Court series.

But this series seriously has my heart because I’ve always wanted to write a Bachelor style, The Selection, type book and I recently fell in love with Throne of Glass. So I mixed the two and set it in my Raven Court, Faerie world. And I LOVE this way of telling a story.

Kitty: If you could tell readers anything about yourself what would it be?

Joanna: I’m married with three kiddos (my youngest began kindergarten this year, so I have more time to write!), I’ve witnessed legit paranormal experiences, and I may or may not be addicted to Dr. Pepper.

I’m not what more I can tell you at this point other than I have the Raven Court series queued up for reading while we’re at Glacier National Park. We won’t have cell signal so I’ll need something to keep me entertained during the hours I’m normally crawling through Vellas.

Is Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns worth spending your free tokens and maybe even purchasing more? Yes! Do it! And maybe give the Raven Court series a try. Book One, Imitating a Fae Queen and Hiding a Fae Queen are both available on Kindle Unlimited. I encourage you to check them out.

You can find Joanna on Instagram @joanna_reeder in addition to @courtingfaethievesandcrowns which is dedicated to this vella. Joanna is a also a Co-host of @readingqueenspod and the Reading Queens Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor Podcasts.

She can be found on Good Reads and her own website with Patreon.

Okay, so what’s coming up? If you’ve missed my announcement on Instagram, we’ll be stepping away from fantasy and into crime drama with a review of The Ruin of the Watcher, a complete serial by Collings MacCrae. With twenty episodes, I am alllll set for the binging of another amazing story.

Until next time, may your adventures be exiting, but not as exciting as X’s!

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