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Catching Up... the Fuck Cancer Edition

There's a lot to unpack for you.

Before her diagnosis, mom lost an incredible amount of weight and had to advocate for herself in order to see a gastrointestinal doc. When the found the tumor, mom called me and it was one of those moments where you know life is changing.

As a family, we've experienced these kinds of moments before. In 2009 we lost my eldest nephew, Zak to a brain tumor. I still miss him every day, still cry every time I find a dime and can almost hear him teasing me and telling me to just relax. Like with my nephew, we've already had a number of blessings. Amazing doctors, supportive family and my dad, well... just being my dad.

Mom left, Aunt right

I spent some time with my mom and dad this winter. It was equal parts amazing and horrible at the same time. It was much needed and hopefully something that we'll be able to do again soon.

The long and the short is that my family is full of warrior women and mom's fighting and that's the most important part until a time she's in remission or decides that her path lay elsewhere.

For my peace of mind, let me share you this information from FuckCancer.Org.

And what I did after mom's diagnosis once I processed it.

With all of this, there's a crazy family history of different types of cancer on both my mom and dad's side. This year, at my well woman visit, my doctor and I set out a screening plan. I'll have yearly monograms and will screen for colorectal cancer with ColoGuard every other year with an endoscopy the years opposite.

Based on our family history, we also ran a full genetic screening panel through Invitae. It was one vial of blood, sent out to a lab for analysis.

Both myself and my doctor were anticipating complicated results. Mr Wizard and I even planned for a double mast in the case of results not coming back in my favor.

The week we waited was one of the longest of my life, during which I went and got my first smooshing.

I won't lie and tell you I didn't have a little bit of a freak out when the nurse called and asked me to come in, telling me only that my lady parts test came back clear. While that was a relief as those types of cancer also run in the family, I was a nervous wreck when I saw the doctor.

You bet I sat in the parking lot bawling my eyes out and shaking for before I could share the news. I also know that of my cousins, my sister or their children may not be as lucky.

The moral of the story? Family is much more important and so is your health. If you have risk factors based on family history, make a plan. Get tested and follow through with that plan! Who knows, you may find yourself sending off a poop sample like I will be. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I know that the women of my family will keep fighting and that my mom remains one of the strongest people I know.

We're getting back into the swing of things. There have been a few episodes of White Moon Paranormal Mysteries and The Explorers over the last few weeks. The first season of The Explorers is undergoing editing and all 79 episodes will be updated over time while we get ready for novelization. The first three episodes have already been edited and look AMAZING and soooo much better than they originally did.

Hopefully, I'll have made my way through all of them before the next region opens up and I'll start advertising. Something to keep in mind is that a novel is not a serial! There are connecting and background pieces that need to go into The Explorers as a novel, and pieces that were episodic that won't be included.

Next week, there will be a new episode of The Explorers and of White Moon Paranormal Mysteries in addition to a review of a handful of audio books and series by David Baldacci. NO... there won't be an an interview section for this one... for reasons.

There may even be another blog entry. Something about loving Kindle Vella as a platform, but not always having the best interactions with the KV community. Then, we'll follow that one up with a review of The Right to Rule by Nikolai Wisekal. I am so excited to get back into things, keep in mind that things may be hit or miss for a bit, but I am doing my best. Also, TBD... WRITE NIGHT! Yes, Write Night! I'm working with Travis from the Tavern on Twitch. We're planning an evening where we'll talk several topics including but not limited to: Passive Voice, Kindle Vella, Writers Tools and maybe a few other topics depending on how things go. Yep, things are getting exciting. Until next time!

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