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Can it be spring?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Fall and winter months in Texas are normally my favorite. After months of adventures in our house on wheels, we’re back and trying to enjoy the cooler weather, roosting season and everything it brings, and taking care of medical needs before we’re on the road and exploring again. The hardest and also most amazing part of this winter is knowing that we may not be cleared by our doctor until next fall!

Somewhere in the Teton Valley near Yellowstone......

Somewhere in the Teton Valley near Yellowstone……

Luckily for us, COVID has not been a factor. My husband Mister J works from home and my job right now is to write, edit, copy edit and get my first release ready for publication. I have to say that the creative process is insane and our adventures have definitely helped.

What I can tell you is the start of cedar season and the hurry up and wait that comes with IVF and all of bells, clicks and whistles that these winter months that I normally enjoy have been nothing but exhausting. Luckily this exhaustion isn’t stopping me from writing.

Now for some updates!

Chronicles of Eden

Supernatural mystery toeing the line with suspense/thriller themes. There are plenty of werewolves, vampires, serial killers and more trying to disrupt Eden Fox’s life. There will be a chance for horror, a chance for gore, and maybe even a little bit of romance on the way.

The final draft of the first installment of these series is off to pre-readers for comments and nit picking before final edits are made and we go out for copy editing.

Comments on the state of Eden’s current adventures include the following:


In development is an adventure that stems from the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory videos that have been a source of fascination and laughter for me for years. This actually stemmed from videos about particle accelerators ripping hole in the fabric of space and time and even sent me on an adventure to Cornell to explore the particle accelerator hidden beneath the soccer field.

This project will be a long time coming, but the adventures the research will bring could be fantastic as I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of research here and there which will hopefully include another trip to NY once travel and quarantine restrictions have been lifted.

This project will likely be stand alone and has read to other research binges that include topics like Randonautica, UFOs, BigFoot, the Paranormal and more.


My start date for this MilWordy was November 2, 2020. With 294 days remaining I’ve completed 272,704 of 1,000,000 words. I really want to create some sort of widget that can show my progress. Maybe a gage or a thermometer?

Write With Us Community Calendar

There are so many amazing writers and authors out there sharing their craft and encouraging old and new writers alike to conquer the blank page. We’re working on building a resource that will allow authors to post their live streams to a community calendar that will be viewable on our site.

From write ins, live reading of their work, workshops and even just hosting live streams while they write, this is a chance to put as many of us out there in one place as a resource to the community. It’s a bit of an ambitious project, but we’ll see what happens with it.

Camp Fire at Lake Georgetown

Coming up:

While we await the completion of the Write With Us project and get our calendar up and running I will be posting a list of streams that I plan to attend during the week or in the case of Monday next which ones I would attend if I wasn’t wrapping up some IVF shinanigans.

A review of Daisy Chains by Blue Coutell and Blow Out, a Sheer Disaster by Terri Reid. I’m excited to share with you my thoughts and how and where you can find these amazing reads.

Sneak peek Saturday is almost here and I’ll be sharing a blurb from somewhere within the Chronicles of Eden Universe.

Until next time, have an amazing time creating.

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