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Adventure Blog: Wickes Tunnel

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Since leaving Texas in mid July we have driven over 12,000 miles. That is a lot miles. We’ve been to Jeep Badge of Honor Trails, Ghost Towns, Abandoned Mines, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks complete with their spectacular views. These miles have included nearly a terabyte of pictures and half a terabyte of video. it’s insane!

I did say it was a fantastic view? This was just one of many! and it was incredible! Here… have another because I love panoramic views.

Images from our adventures, and the occasional video are posted on Instagram, but occasionally an adventure requires a little bit more! Today, adventurers I give you, The Wickes Corbin Tunnel!

Wickes Tunnel

That said, here are a few pictures from our adventure out to Wickes Tunnel. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. There was just something about the tunnel that was magical! It’s also said to be haunted as ten men lost their lives during it’s construction… who knows, maybe there is a paranormal investigations team that would like to check it out. That is definitely something I would watch!

The Wickes Tunnel is an abandoned railroad tunnel that connects Wickes and Corbin. While the tracks have long since been removed, this tunnel is 6224 feet (1.18 miles) in length. It can be quite tricky to navigate as there has been some damage to the tunnel caused by flooding.

Where we entered the tunnel, you can see debris including rocks that have fallen into your bath and deep standing water.

The trail itself is easily passible by OHV vehicles and even an unmodified Jeep Wrangler. While a few submerged boulders left me cringing as we came down over them, our skid plates saved our oil pan!

You can find the tunnel here.


Between Boulder and Helena on Interstate 15, take the Jefferson City exit #176. Turn west to Jefferson City. At the stop sign in Jefferson City, turn left. Take the 2nd right at the intersection of Jefferson Road and Corbin Road. Follow Corbin Road west. You will come to a fork in the road at the town of Corbin (just some houses now). Bear to the left at that fork. The road becomes Wickes Road. Follow this until you come to a grouping of houses. When you get to Wickes, what looks like the main road will turn to the right and start up a hill but that is NOT where we are going. Go left off the main road between some older buildings and houses and past them into a small valley. As you pass these older buildings you will see a newer home on the hill to your left. The Forest Service road goes through the center of the valley and sometimes there is a fence/gate there. This is private property on both side on the road so don’t stop and throw a party. 🙂 The road will rise slightly out of this small valley and you should then see a small pond and the north entrance to the tunnel, just to the left. (The above directions from Montana Overland 4×4 Adventures.)

Something to keep in mind is that on your way to the tunnel, depending on which path of travel you take, you’ll cross an abandoned town, a mine and even the remnants of free standing charcoal kilns. There are amazing pictures to be taken on this journey. There are a few for you below.

I almost wish we had the chance to make this trip closer to dusk as it would make these images far more spectacular in their creep factor.

And just incase you’re curious, we were able to film a Jeep Bro that we met on the way to the tunnel heading in. The video definitely makes you appreciate the insanity involved in this kind of adventure. Their video is followed by one of our entrance to the tunnel.

Well, that’s it for this wrap up. I should have more posts coming up about writing, process, editing and our adventures.

Things for us travel wise won’t be slowing down until the start of the New Year. Living a life on the road has definitely been exciting and fulfilling.

Today we’ll close with an obligatory picture of Beep Beep the Mountain Jeep on the trail.

Obligatory Mountain Jeep Picture

Until next time, may your adventures be exciting. Just not as exciting as X’s!

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