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"Eibhleann "Eden" Mac a'tSionnaigh and her partner had been exposed to the enzyme that facilitated lycanthropy, it meant a death sentence. When the next full moon rose Philippe turned. She didn't. Twenty years later the hunter is being hunted. Only time will tell if it was the council, the pack, the blood suckers, her hallucination or the serial killer terrorizing central Texas would catch up with her first"

Exile by Kitty Gulick


When you think about a 'true mates' werewolf trope, you definitely don't think about serial killers, kidnappings, an absurd amount of death and blood shed. Well, maybe the blood shed.

Do you know what's missing from your paranormal werewolf mystery? Is it vampires? Is it serial killers? Or is it Boscoe, because every amazing detective needs a best friend?

Exile is the first installment of Under a White Moon Paranormal Mysteries. Featuring werewolves and countless other supernatural creatures, the Prelude to Exile: Death and Banishment will be available this winter.

For now, enjoy the investigation! I can't wait for you to see wha happens next.


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Werewolves she could handle. Vampires she could handle. Murderers and serial killers she c